Study of Lights Series

This was a fun series to create with my Canon XTi. The subject is colored lights in a dark room. I did different movements in order to get the light streaks to go in a specific direction. I hope you all enjoy viewing these. The photography used different shutter speeds and movement. With some of them I applied filters to give them artistic effects.

An Artist's Eye

THE HORSE SHOES – Lights and movement. Not digitally manipulated.

INFINITY – Photography of lights can be used for the foundation of illustrations created with programs such as Photoshop.


4 thoughts on “Study of Lights Series

    1. Thanks! This is a photograph of our Christmas tree. I turned all the lights out in our room and used a long exposure focusing on the lights. Then I did some post production work using Photoshop.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. Amazing how a well known object like a Christmas tree can turn into an abstract source of colored lights.

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