Photography is Like a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Watching the World Go By
For me photography is like having a Pumpkin Spice Latte and it’s addictive. I may not be able to enjoy it everyday, but when I do I savor every last moment.

Even though my path in life has taken me into more of a Design/Internet development direction my camera stays by my side as a long-time friend. Oftentimes it’s hard to conceal my excitement and maintain my professionalism when photography is needed for an ad campaign or website development project. I tend to work endless hours in the evenings and daytime, but mostly by choice. This to feed into my own personal passion about photography and graphic design, with a few tips that I have learned. My two boys are always an inspiration with their wit, fun creativity. They keep busy with our 2 adopted dogs, a cockatiel, and two hermit crabs. Not to mention Mario DS/Wii. I also enjoy musical composing with my keyboard piano and guitar.

Versatile Blogger Award: 7 Things about me. Thanks again to kerry29 for the nomination.

1. I worked for private industry for 15 years as a Multimedia Designer/Producer -video,animation,programming and proposal writing, before putting my career on pause.

2. I love learning and challenging myself and thinking outside the box for solutions (which sometimes drives my family mad).

3. Someday I would just like to be an artist and not worry about money. In the meantime, I design and build websites preferring to use dotNetNuke or WordPress.

4. I have a B.A. degree with a concentration in Illustration (but I really loved photography better). This was before the Computer Tech boom.

5. I get passionate about the environment and conservation when provoked.

6. Otherwise I am quiet and soft spoken (really just pondering in my own silence trying to be polite because I am open minded).

7. I love talking shop about art and techniques with others.


6 thoughts on “Photography is Like a Pumpkin Spice Latte

    1. Many thanks Kerry! I am honored to be nominated, and even more so by someone whose blog I admire. I have read your link and will need to sit down with some coffee and work out my next steps. Thanks again, it’s a nice way to start of a new year. Jennifer

  1. You’re certainly making me think of pumpkin spice lattes in a new way. Looking forward to following your work , especially your studies of light. 😉

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