Photography: Classic Cars and Design

photograph of a vintage car Bel Air with gold trim

This week seemed to be a Vintage week for me. Thursday night I went to a 4 Aces concert and Saturday a Car Show (swap meet?), located in Millersville MD. This week I will be posting my photography of these beautiful cars. My goal was to highlight and capture their design; paying attention to light and reflection, angles, trim, and color.  Included in these posts are custom and restored cars. There are even a couple of rare cars such as a Limited Edition 1963 convertible Corvette. My oldest brother would be drooling right now. There is no coincidence that most of the photos are of cherry red cars. I did find my dream car cherry red mustang….but it was not a convertible. These are the first three cars…I will post more photography tomorrow of classic cars and design.


25 thoughts on “Photography: Classic Cars and Design

  1. wonderful!!!!! Beautiful restoration and fantastic photography. The 1965 Mustang air conditioned convertible was a dream car…….

  2. 57 Chevy Classic! Spot that fin anywhere!! Used to be in automobiles and can spot a winner a mile away.

    1. I am not a car andbike person per se, but could totally get into photographing these classics.So much love put into the restoration of these beauties-great work.

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