If You Give a Beagle a Pancake.

Be prepared.  Today I am posting a video that my sons and I did together. This is video. My blog is my canvas. Every once and while you’ve got to go outside your element and have some fun. Today I am posting a video that my sons and I did together. Today my goal is to make someone out there laugh. Ok, few may indeed find this funny, but just one person? I think it’s possible. My kids crack up every time they see this.  Using Windows Live Movie Maker and a track from one of my music library CDs we put together this quick video called “If You Give a Beagle a Pancake”. Being new in the YouTube world I am finding out producing fun videos can be just as addictive as photography, especially when you have sound and text. Now if I could place my photography into a video production, that might be really fun. If I decide to more I will open another blog for it. I promise. Hopefully this experiment works without upsetting anyone. So if you don’t like watching video with quirky music, I will back to my normally scheduled posting tomorrow. I have to add that my favorite part is close-up, where you can see the bead of drool getting ready to drop. I think the poor thing didn’t know if she should chew it or keep it stuffed in her mouth hoping that the it would go undetected. Heads up…you may need to turn the volume up.


22 thoughts on “If You Give a Beagle a Pancake.

  1. Jennifer what a cute video. WE WANT MORE!!!
    It must be a video kind of day…I just completed a new video and will post it today or tomorrow. Be on the look out for it.
    Video making is fun…..enjoy it.

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