Flying Patterns

Picture this image with the sounds of loons calling and fish splashing. No noises from humans. They are sleeping. This is the time of the day I love most in Canada.

I took this photo last year and came across it today while searching for something else. I am drawn to this image because I love silhouettes. Enya would be good background music for this image. Thanks goes to for inspiring me to post this today.


17 thoughts on “Flying Patterns

  1. This is very beautiful and a rare scene for sure. The birds flying so neatly. I love silhouettes and this one just took my breath away. Very nice! 🙂

  2. Yes, these patterns of flight here in Annapolis/the Bay are seen so often in the Spring and Fall – I like simple but meaningful pictures. They tend to tell more stories than the complicated ones!
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration to continue with the artistic journey.

      1. I too have enjoyed this photography blog and I look up to artists like yourself who can produce more work so quickly. It takes me so long with my creative streaks to do anything. I love the journey. I am honored to see your work.

  3. Jennifer I am glad you were so inspired and shared that inspiration with us. You have captured a very peaceful moment. I can hear the soft sounds of the loons and the splashes of water. Lovely photograph.

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