Photograpy: Circles of Sunlight

In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun glisten off water. Especially when there is movement. In this scenario the sun was creating a glare, however the glare was moving with the waves. This pattern of movement was behind a rope with river grass; which was the original subject. The result of sun’s reflection playing on the water was much more fascintating and became more of a surprise when I looked over my photos. The composition became intriguing. Each character in this story have their own uniques quality. Water – soft color blending to become the background. Sunlight – delicate circles dancing. The rope – solid and dependable. The grass – randomness, almost defying the rope and all other elements. There was no post-production effects done for this photograph.


12 thoughts on “Photograpy: Circles of Sunlight

  1. I love your words as much as the photograph. The combination is wonderful. The concept of “circles of sunlight” will stay with me. 😉

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