Grammy Got a Sports Car, Lens to Lens 2

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Grammy got her sports car she has been wanting. Sunroof and all. I should say my mom. She is impressed with XM radio, I’m impressed with the USB port. I decided to take the opportunity to take some photos with my new cell phone, which unfortunately is not an iPhone (some day). I decided to leave the raindrops. 1. I already looked kind of silly taking photos of headlights. 2. I wanted see if they added to the image, trying to get reflection off the drops. Kind of a tall order to fill with a cell phone.


27 thoughts on “Grammy Got a Sports Car, Lens to Lens 2

  1. All are quite nice, but I like the rather alien, abstract-ness of the first one! Took me a minute to “see” what I was looking at!

  2. Jennifer, thanks for faithfully visiting my blog. I’m returning the favor and loving the fun you obviously had with Detroit. Wish I could buy a car that looked like the first image. Way cool. You catch great muscular geometric textures here.


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