The Rising Sun Among Shadows

An instant inspiration tonight as I was completely lacking creative thought from a long day of web development and bookkeeping. The hallway ceiling light was making wonderful patterns that I just had to take a photo of to share. Then when I brought it into my photo editor my creative wheels started turning. What if the shadows looked like the were on a floor. Since they already resembled the sun’s rays, I decided it would be fun to make it look like a rising sun. actually looking at it again, I also see an eye.


30 thoughts on “The Rising Sun Among Shadows

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  2. Hi Jennifer, bumped into your blog and there are two things we have in common:

    1. Photography
    2. Same blog design (except i modified my banner)

    i love this photo!!

  3. I simply love your use of colors and light! Fantastic and so captivating! 😮
    Thank you for coming by my travel & photoblog, checking it out! A great pleasure, and much appreciated!
    Greetings from warm Recife, Brazil, from

  4. Very cool! Isn’t it amazing how when you work that long and hard, pretty much the first thing you see as you leave even remotely not like a computer can completely blow you away? This has happened to me a few times too. Maybe it’s something like sensory deprivation that can open our eyes to the beauty we ignore as every-day and mundane… These are one of the best times to make art imo. And this is awesome!

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