Metal Art Series, Recycling Photography

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Photography gone wrong was recycled in post production. This was a failed attempt at photographing a reflection off of a metal trash can. But I decided to keep it because the metal image might make an interesting design element in a future project. So, I gave it a shot. The blurry from the original photograph adds to the post production effect and soften the metal. If it’s a natural blur you are using the original colors. If that makes any sense. Naming this series recycled seemed appropriate since it was a trash can. My plan is to print this at about 8X10 for a wall hanging.


20 thoughts on “Metal Art Series, Recycling Photography

  1. Jennifer when you discover something new through any process it for a reason. Now you have another great piece, and it will find its way to something more later. It is the collective process tha creates our art.

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