Photography of a Geometric Sunrise, Ocean City Maryland

Photography from inside hotel balcony. The balcony looks over the indoor pool and also out over to the ocean. Some may see these bars as an eye sore, however they have a wonderful geometric design to them. Paired with a sunrise and horizon line it makes for an interesting composition. This photograph was taken at the Princess Royal in Ocean City Maryland during the winter. If you look close enough there is snow out on the beach. A rarity in these parts. An interesting note: the post A Boy’s Desire to Fly, is a snowbank in Ocean City from last year’s snowstorm. We actually drove to the shore to play in the snow. The western part of Maryland only got a dusting, while the Eastern Shore got at least a foot.


34 thoughts on “Photography of a Geometric Sunrise, Ocean City Maryland

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  2. Terrific eye to spot this. I think I’d like it even a tiny bit more (if that’s possible) if the sun was in the second panel from the left, but I don’t know if that perspective was attainable and, in any event, it’s a matter of taste. In any event, great image!

  3. Without the geometric bars, all you would have is a sunset, the bars make this the stunning image it is. And yes, I can just peak the snow on the beach. Wonderful, I love this.

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