Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter at the Beach

There are many beautiful places to see in the winter. Some of which are only quiet in the winter. For example, the beaches in Eastern Shore Maryland. Typically a tourist attraction during the summer months, Ocean City becomes a a locals only kind of scene. Here you can take advantage of peaceful walks on the beach, quiet sunrises, and listening to the waves. From our balcony I noticed that the windy conditions were creating interesting effects on the waves. When I went out on the beach to try to capture it there were many challenges. 1. The bright sun. 2. The sand blowing. 3. The waves were breaking far out-I would need to go in the water because my zoom max is 300mm; which I was not doing at 40 degrees. Winter to me isn’t just about snow and cold, but also about visiting quiet places where nature comes out to play.

Winter breeze on the beach

40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter at the Beach

  1. I would definitely visit the ocean during winter for all the reasons you mention, if I lived anywhere near it. Oh say, less than 700 miles. πŸ™‚

    Great photos. I especially like the second wave, with the light coming through it — very cool!

    1. The wind was creating a beautiful effect with the waves. Tiny beads of water would blow up and around while glistening in the sun. In addition little twirls of wind were blowing dune grasses that had fallen into little twists along the ground.

  2. Beautiful photos! I grew up on the beach in SC and my boyfriend has a summer house in Ocean City, so these are especially cool to me! I know how big those waves get…and the water is definitely not warm like in Miami πŸ™‚

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