Sunrise in the Mist, a Beautiful World We Live In.

Early Dawn in Canada

I have seen examples of how beautiful a world we live in, through the many blogs of talented photographers. I hope I am not over-blogging. But, I seem to be addicted. I started my personal with  photography from Canada. I thought it only fitting to end the year with the same. This image was taken on the same day as my other photo that I posted in Canadian Sunrise. Mist is an amazing and magical thing to watch. I was inspired to post this after I saw beautiful examples of it at backcountrytranquility. It is very difficult to capture, one day this year I plan on getting it perfect. That’s my goal to keep striving at things that I may not succeed at initially.  I’ll admit the I do like the clouds, they came out pretty close to what they looked like. Lots of red, some spots of deep blue. I must end at this, my sons are begging to play baseball. Who could ignore that! Have a wonderful New Year!

P.S. Have you been able to capture mist? Let me know by linking to this post or commenting.


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