Photography: The Abyss

Photography of light frozen in ice
Reminds me of glowing fish

Happy Friday! I have named this photograph  “The Abyss”. As a child I watched Jacques Cousteau’s T.V. program. Intrigued by the abyss and the many wonders of the organisms that thrive deep in the sea using bioluminescent light to survive. This image reminds me of the blackdragon fish with the blues against the black sea. If you would like to see the real thing check out this post by Edith Widder, a biologist and deep sea explorer NOVA “Glowing in the Dark”, it has really beautiful photos of glow in the dark fish. This photograph is of ice frozen ice. The lights came out blue in this photograph. I decided to keep it as it is and not do anything with it in Photoshop.


9 thoughts on “Photography: The Abyss

  1. Very cool! Yeah, it does look bioluminescent. I agree — that is the coolest. I can never seem to find enough photos of bioluminescent mid-water organisms online…

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  3. Oh, Jacques Cousteau! I remember that as a child too. He was amazing. This is a really cool photo. I thought a spine at first. 🙂

    And thanks for thinking of me with the Versatile blog award. I so appreciate the thought from someone as great as you, Jennifer! Thank you!

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