Photography study of light, Crescendo.

Abstract photograph of lights
Holiday lights make a great source for this study.

This is another photo taken from my series “Study of Light”, created Dec. 5th 2011. This photograph was taken with my Canon EOS in complete dark. I moved the camera in motion from forward to backwards, along with a circular rhythm to get just the right look…reviewing and deleting as I went along. I wanted to create depth along with the movement so that it appears that colors are moving towards the front. This abstract image was only touched in Photoshop to put the border and watermark in place. It is named Crescendo for it’s musical resemblance. By enlarging the view you really get the full effect. Enjoy! Simple Melody. An Artist’s Eye, December 5th, 2011. More photos from this series will be posted. Copyright 2011-12, Jennifer Triplett. All rights reserved. Please contact me if you need permission to duplicate. Click the balloon above the image to like or see comments.


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