Simple Melody Study of Light and Color

Study of lights and color
Simple Melody

This digital photograph was taken with the idea to create movement and colored light streaks using a technique I learned long ago in college with my good old film camera. It still works!  But with the digital camera I could take loads of photos and just delete the ones that I knew wouldn’t work. The trick was to find just the right movement and colors that would create the greatest contrast in the dark. The final image was digitally edited by adding filters  for the rotating look, but I didn’t need to adjust any coloring or brightness/contrast the vividness came out naturally. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Jennifer Triplett, Hit the balloon above the image to like or see comments.


6 thoughts on “Simple Melody Study of Light and Color

  1. Very cool! The lights in the dark make quite an impact, and the swirl edit makes it like-totally-cosmic-dude.

    Thanks for visiting my blog last week!

    1. Just took a look at your link. Thanks for sharing! I’m excited and honored when talented artists like my posts.
      As for studying lights and shadows….it always fascinates me the designs that they naturally make. I’m enjoying sharing my photos…I guess the next step is setting up a Gallery….

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