Good Morning Canadian Sunrise

A Beautiful Way to Start Your Day

Sunrise over a lake in Canada brings out beautiful vibrant colors. The Loons calling completes the picture. My idea of tranquility. I will keep this in my mind as I start the work week. This photo has not been digitally enhanced. The colors are pretty much as you see them. Amazing! Copyright 2011-12. All rights reserved.


21 thoughts on “Good Morning Canadian Sunrise

  1. I am so impressed with the colours – at my inlaws cottage we often get beautiful sunsets. You have done an amazing job at capturing the colours and the essence of the time of day.

    There are so many different types of landscapes here in Canada – I hope you get to visit many of them.

    1. I love Canada, it’s well worth the trip. Lots of photo opportunities. Remote locations, loons, beautiful scenery. I was pleased to see other bloggers from Canada. Maybe, I’ll make a list so you can see more photos.

      1. You absolutely do not need those in many parts of Canada this winter. I haven’t gotten a single snow shot yet as there’s only been a dusting of snow. That is not to say there is no snow anywhere, but many places are missing out!

    1. Thanks! Throughout the sunrise the colors on the water are remarkable; from an orange to a deep wonderful blue. Every year I look forward to this trip to Canada so I can see this and take photos.

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