Using Your Digital Camera Wisely

We are all out to save money (sometimes it’s cheaper to just let a pro do it). Using your digital camera wisely can save you money. Save money by providing your designer great shots that they can tweak with little effort. Most of us have digital cameras. But when it comes to creating a products image and selling it great photos are essential. If you do decide to take your own shots for your products then here are some key things to consider: camera quality  image resolution, composition, lighting, lens cleanse, clean areas. Before you begin set your camera to the final image size. You will need to refer to your manual for this. It’s best to give the designer the original straight from the camera image and not one that you have edited in Photoshop.

Starting off with composition. Know beforehand how you want your image to appear on your page. Do you also want this for print material. It may seem simplistic, but looking at your image from a different perspective will make your image pop out on your web page. It is always a good idea to at least talk to your designer first so they can offer suggestions. Remember, designers can also add that extra effect in Photoshop afterwards.

Lighting is essential. You will probably know instantly when you take the shot and review it how your lighting is doing. Save time. Get your product in a well lit environment. Daytime, outdoors… the less flash needed the less likely you will get glares on close-ups. The less the zoom the better clarity of your image. Some cameras have close-up selection. Experiment. It’s digital you can always delete. Stay away from yellow light sources if you can. Again your designer can adjust lighting errors if it’s not too significant. (For a fee).

Wipe your lens. Use a lens cloth. Do not use your pants, tissue, your sons wipes. Make sure there are no lint friends, fuzzy hairs from your pets, smudges. Do not clean the inside of your digital camera…ever! We are just talking about the outside lens. Again good designers can remove items. (For a fee).

Clean area. often an oversight. make sure your product is on a clean surface. look for lint, hair, folds on the surface you are using, shadows, and so on. If you want to create a floating effect for your image (no background) then use a dark material or background. It will take less time to edit the final image.

Sometimes it’s just easier and cheaper to have a pro take your photo, especially if you don’t have good equipment. There will be less editing fees. But hopefully a few basic tips will at least help you use your digital camera wisely when setting up your shots.


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