The Quick Death of the Classic Photographer

College darkrooms, expensive paper, technical expertise, darkroom operations. It’s sad but yes those years spent learning developing film in college are seaming wasted with today’s advanced digital photography. I will admit I do not miss the accidental leaking of light in my makeshift darkroom of that perfect roll of black and white. As a college student already spending loads of money on advertising tools I had no idea that this craft would soon be replaced or a replacement would be available. Not wasted however was the technical training that one learned in the college arena. But now the Digital Camera let’s mistakes happen. You have a great tool like Photoshop and you can make magic happen. Light can be adjusted, faces altered, special effects created. No longer is there a need to take an entire roll of shots in order to get that series of shots you needed. With digital¬† you can simply delete them with a click. No more anticipation of failure or success. Infra-red photography? I loved it. You never knew what exactly you could create until you began processing it. This movement from film photography has given plenty of opportunity for professionals and novices to have the forgiveness and flexibility they once were unable to acquire. But I ask myself will film photography become a lost art? Is there a different result creating artwork from anticipation in a darkroom where there is a physical ending point to your creativity? Unlike film, digital allows you the freedom to manipulate your images via computer; sometimes mindlessly allowing yourself endless creativity. It’s the stopping point that defines the end result of our creations.


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